In addition to the OmniRow system, Raven Industries has added seven new products that broaden its precision agriculture offering.

The Envizio Pro II replaces the Envizio Pro’s WAAS-level GPS receiver system with an RTK-upgradeable global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver that can pick up GPS and Glonass satellites, as well as others as they become available. In addition to being able to control and monitor the OmniRow planter system, it also serves as the monitor for Raven’s new SmartYield yield-monitoring system. Envizio Pro II also is compatible with Raven’s Slingshot wireless RTK, high-speed Internet and data transfer system. The suggested list price for an Envizio Pro II with a GNSS receiver is $3,995, and $2,995 without a receiver.

The Cruizer II is faster and has more capabilities and a brighter display than its namesake Cruizer monitor. It now can load and save job files and A-B navigation lines. It also interfaces with Raven assisted-steering and Accuboom automatic section control. The suggested retail price is $1,695. An optional weather-resistant version for open-air cabs adds $200.

Cruizer and Cruizer II now offer an interface with Digi-Star scales and nutrient-management systems. This allows the monitors to control, monitor and record nutrient applications for uploading to Nutrient Tracker software. A software update to add the feature to Cruizer is free. The list price for an interface unlock is $1,000.

The SmartYield yield monitor, which interfaces with Envizio Pro II and Cruizer II monitors, uses a noncontact optical sensor from Loup Electronics to measure yield on the go. The system features hillside compensation and preset combine settings for simple calibration and start-up. The list price is $4,625.

The SmarTrax RTK system allows owners to tie existing steer-ready hydraulic blocks into a Raven system that interfaces with Viper Pro and Envizio Pro/Pro II field computers. The system offers automatic calibration and 3-D terrain compensation to maximize steering accuracy. The suggested retail price is $5,655.

The Sidekick Pro direct-injection system offers an industry-first closed-system automatic calibration feature that eliminates catch tests, plus a faster control system that locks onto target rates in 2 sec. The list price for a Sidekick Pro with a 1- to 40-oz./min. pump capacity is $3,500. A system with a 5- to 200-oz./min. capacity lists for $3,200.

The AccuFlow HP system uses a boost pump to maintain anhydrous ammonia application rates at optimum field speeds, even at low temperatures. The boost pump automatically shuts off when not needed, reducing tractor horsepower needs. The suggested retail price for a dual cooler system with a boost pump is $9,500.

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