For 2011, the OmniRow system will be available for most John Deere and Kinze planters. Raven expects to offer kits for Case IH and White planters for 2012.

The OmniRow system will be available in three levels.

Level 1 systems will provide planter monitoring for up to 24 rows, row shutoff, two-section fertilizer shutoff and variable-rate seeding control capabilities through the Envizio Pro/Envizio Pro II. (Third-party clutches and hydraulic drives must be purchased separately.) The system includes planter-mounted electronics, plus harnesses to connect to existing planter sensors. The suggested retail price is $2,900. Like all OmniRow systems, an Envizio Pro or Envizio Pro II monitor also is required.

Level 2 systems include Level 1 capabilities, plus up to four hydraulic motor assemblies for variable-rate and section control of 12- and 16-row planters. Kits will be available for specific Deere and Kinze 12- and 16-row planters. The list price for 12-row and 16-row kits is $7,500. The system also can control non-Raven row clutches if a finer-resolution shutoff system is desired.

Level 3 systems include Level 1 capabilities, plus individual hydraulic drives for each row. Initially, kits will be available for 12-, 16- and 24-row planters. The list price is $1,050/row.

“We offer more features for the same price as row shutoffs and two- or three-section hydraulic drives,” Prairie says. “OmniRow is going to give growers a new tool they will use in ways we haven’t even dreamed of.”

OmniRow will be available through select Raven distributors, who will receive specialized planter training.