The heart of the OmniRow system is a hydraulic motor built specially for Raven. The piston motor has internal gear reduction, which allows it to be connected directly to planter hex shafts. Motors are small enough to be mounted to drive a single row, yet are able to power up to four rows, Prairie says. Raven’s patent-pending control technology, coupled with hydraulic valves, also allows the motor to serve as a row-unit shutoff.

Prairie notes that the motors are efficient, so most modern tractors have enough hydraulic capacity to drive 24 units. Each motor requires 1/3 gal./min. of hydraulic capacity for planting corn, and double that for soybeans.

Besides the hydraulic motor, the OmniRow system includes new software for the Envizio Pro field computer to enable variable-rate functions, as well as seed monitoring (including real-time singulation data) and section control for up to 24 rows. The new software comes with Raven’s new Envizio Pro II monitor and is a free upgrade for existing Envizio Pro models.