In theory, designing a planter that can infinitely vary seeding rates by the row is straightforward. Turning that dream into a practical, affordable reality has been the challenge — until now.

With the introduction of its OmniRow planter control system this fall, Raven Industries says it has solved the technical challenge of by-the-row variable-rate planting.

“Individual row control will take precision planting to a new level,” says Doug Prairie, Raven product manager for planting and seeding systems. “Our level of resolution is by far and away above other options in the marketplace.”

In addition to varying seeding rates, the OmniRow system also has built-in row shutoff capabilities. “The system can automatically make a seeding rate bump on the fly from a prescription, or manually, as well as turn row units off. OmniRow also has the ability to do speed compensation around curves,” Prairie says, which gives the same effective seed population from one end of the turning planter to the other.