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Thomas Maloney

Storage Facility Manager, Supercheap Self Storage Brisbane

Career Summary:

When he first started working as an accountant, Thomas Maloney didn’t really know where he would end up. Being fresh and green straight from graduating from the University of Queensland, Tom was eager to prove himself and he set himself up to the task of getting a good job in a good company as an accountant.


By nature, accountants typically have to work in high pressure environments where deadlines and details are king. Especially when it comes down to the numbers and figures of the company, missing a single detail can mean high costs for businesses down the road. Tom has been able to excel as accountant so far because of his calm and organized demeanour - he knows that this is something he truly enjoys and excels at doing and hence he is also looking to obtain the Chartered Accountant professional qualification in the near future.


Tom want to really make the most of his talents and he continues to want to strive forward and achieve greater things for himself so he has bought himself into the Supercheap storage in Southern Suburbs franchise to start a whole new adventure for himself in business ownership! In his new endeavour, he will undertake running the storage facilities in Brisbane where there is already a great following of the Supercheap Storage chain.


And it’s not surprising! Supercheap Storage takes great pride in the care and wellbeing of all our storage containers in our care because they are YOUR storage containers too! You’ll be glad to know that when you place your items in our care and in our containers, the Supercheap Storage portable storage units are made of extra-durable plywood which allows the contents (which are your precious items) to “breathe”, freely, all through their stay with us! This added ventilation feature of all our portable storage units ensure that any moisture caught within the walls after sealing will have a chance to escape through the air and that mildew and mould growth is minimized.


Besides the extra protection that the material of our portable units provide, our weatherproof warehouses are also designed and structured to keep your items in the best state for storage for however long they may be kept with us. For all our containers, we ensure that they are hoisted a few inches off the ground so that we can maximise the ventilating properties of the container - air can flow through all the different sides!


In addition, our warehouses are monitored round the clock by security personnel. But as our valued customers, you have access to your items housed here anytime during working hours from Mondays to Saturdays.


With Supercheap Self Storage in Brisbane, we have plenty of options that will reassure you of your choice to make us your self storage provider. We’ve got the care and expertise to make sure that you have access to the best of storage options that will suit whatever you need to make this storage experience a success for you and your family. Remember that with Supercheap Storage, YOU come first - we are just that helping hand to get you on your way.

Specialties: Storage, Self storage

Current Roles:

Storage Facility Manager

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