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Mel Brandle

Director, Supercheap Self Storage Adelaide

Skills: Storage, Removal Expert

Career Summary:

Mel Brandle has built himself a wonderful life in Adelaide. He has 3 growing and active kids whom he loves spending time with over the weekend. His whole family are very adventurous and outgoing and love nothing but to be amongst nature in the countryside.


Mel himself particularly enjoys water skiing and working on his dirt bike so he can stay on top of his game as he competes in the state championships for dirt track racing. He is very proud of the fact that he has been able to win and secure his title as a champion and he has really made a name for himself within the dirt track racing circuits in Adelaide.


Now with Supercheap Storage Adelaide, which Mel has acquired the franchising rights for, Mel aims to do the same - to become a champion amongst the self storage services available in his state! What happens with Supercheap Self Storage solutions is that we want to make sure that in all the services you receive from us, you’re getting nothing but the best!


With our revolutionary system of making storage services accessible for you, you will find out precisely why Supercheap Storage is slowly climbing to be the best storage provider in the whole of Australia. Our first and foremost draw for all seekers of self storage solutions is our entirely mobile contingent of storage modules.


Our Portable Storage Units are easily secured onto our trucks to be brought to your location - whether your home or your office. All you need to do on moving day is wait for our team to arrive with your personal storage modules and when we arrive, you just have to load everything in and we’ll bring everything right back to our facilities. No fuss, no muss; no more worrying about logistics!


At 7 cubic metres and 10 cubic metres, the mini- and maxi-mods are luxuriously spacious and big enough for whatever you have in mind to put into storage. Each mobile storage module is designed to be able to fit an entire room’s worth of items and furniture so that it’s easy for you to gauge how many you need for your storage needs at any point of time.


If you want to calculate the volume you need a little more accurately, you can give us a call with the items you have in mind and we’ll help you ring it all up - it’s all part of our service to make sure that you only pay for the services that you need!


Keep an eye out for some of our amazing packages for packing material like our ultra durable cardborad boxes which are bundled to be enough for each room that you need packed, and we also provide you invaluable freebies like protective padding to protect your items while in transit.


With Supercheap Storage Yorke Peninsula, you know that you are getting championship quality service and self storage deals at prices you will never believe. Give us a call today and find out exactly what we are talking about!

Specialties: storage, self storage, portable storage

Current Roles:

Storage Facility Manager


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