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Mark Sindone

Self Storage Franchisee, Self Storage Inner West

Skills: Self Storage

Career Summary:

Ensuring that he does an excellent job is somewhat of a personal motto for Mark Sindone, he believes that whatever you’re doing, you can always push yourself further and strive for better! Being such an ambitious young man has led him down the path of entrepreneurship, and while he was barely out of school at that!


Finishing his degree in Commerce inspired him to do something related to his studies and to truly make use of his education to make a name for himself. He was very interested in looking at annuity-type income and cash flows which could form a steady income stream for himself and through his research, Mark found out about the self storage industry in Australia.


Apparently a lot of people were very excited about having extra space to store their things, whether temporarily or for the long term, but traditional plans were just not cutting it. Businesses back in the day were characterised by only a handful of providers that dominated the market. And because of that they were charging very expensive storage rates and on top of that, they weren’t striving to improve the processes that customers had to take to get their items into storage!


Mark had a vision for what he would do with his company should he start one, so when Supercheap Storage emerged on the market with their amazing portable storage solution, he didn’t hesitate to get on board. Not only does Supercheap Storage provide convenient move-in options for their customers, but they’ve expanded their repertoires to include businesses as well!


Supercheap Storage solutions have the perfect solution to help offices get things done. With an amazing system that works for everyday customers, there’s an amazing process in place to help offices get things done doubly fast and without having to bust the budget too! Whether your office is in need of more space for your inventory, or you need space to archive historical and financial; maybe you’re planning to expand your office space and items need to be held while works are done, or even if you need some work stations or items out of the way so you can do work, look no further.


Supercheap storage Burwood will help your business to find amazing solutions at prices that are so amazing you won’t need to look at any other provider. But not only are we going to give you the best service in the market, we are a one-stop shop. We’ll arrive at your office with your portable storage unit and our removalists are well trained to assist with you whichever of the above issues you may have and need to get moved into storage space.


If you’ve got something that you need to be put into storage, just give us a ring to find out more about how we can help you. With Supercheap Storage solutions, you’ll be reassured of a quality storage experience in all your storage needs.


Specialties: storage, self storage, portable storage

Current Roles:

Storage Facility Manager

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