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Mark Grogan

Manager, Supercheap Storage Illawarra

Career Summary:

Mark Grogan is a steadfast man who enjoys taking risks. Even from his youth, he chose to break away from the tried and tested route of education and venture into a tough engineering industry to make it through an apprenticeship and into his first successful position of his career. He chose to cease his business in the heavy industrial sector to travel the world. And boy, did he do it all out.


Mark would travel for several years following his departure from the heavy industrial sector, crossing the different continents and with plenty of stories and experiences under his belt to share with anybody who is willing to make a new friend and share a pint together. And after this, a few years more working as a corporate executive before finally settling down with the Supercheap Storage Franchise!


Now with Supercheap Storage, Mark is embarking on yet a new journey as a business owner and is looking forward to the challenges that are at hand. In operation just under a year, it won’t be long before his facility takes off in Illawara and we are glad to welcome him into the SuperCheap family!


Supercheap Storage Kiama is all about the good relationships and service standards within and throughout Illawarra - with our staff as well as with our customers. We ensure that all our staff and employees are well trained and well versed with all the different storage situations that may possibly come about when trying to move items into storage.


We value the skills of each and every one of our specialists and constantly seek to help them understand and love the process of self storage so that they can share with you how wonderful the service is. This means that even if you have a simple question about the best way to pack up your items or prepare things for storage you can actually just grab someone at our facilities or give our friendly operators a ring over the phone and fire away! Whatever question you may have, we’ll try our best to give you an answer, if not we’ll try to find out an answer for you!


Besides that, Supercheap Storage is also approved by the Australian Furniture Remover’s Association (AFRA) and that means that we are qualified and experienced to help you with all your hands on storage needs too! We have 3 different plans - all of varying amounts of assistance - that you can choose from to supplement your storage hire with us. All of the 3 plans include transportation of our portable storage directly to the location of your choice so that you can manage the packing and loading of you module at your own doorstep!


Have you ever had a storage solution as simple as that? We’re telling you that you won’t find a deal as good as ours anywhere else in Illawarra so pick up the phone and ask for a quotation now - there are no obligations, just let us tell you exactly how you can benefit from the Supercheap Storage experience!

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