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Control weeds before they compete with the crop.

A preemergence herbicide can help limit early season weed competition. Maximize yield potential by preventing weeds from competing with the crop for water, sunlight and nutrients early in the season. Click here to learn more.







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Consistent weed control from SureStart® II herbicide.

Weed to Watch

Palmer Amaranth

If weed growth were a race, Palmer amaranth would win. It has a higher growth rate, approaching 3 inches per day, and is more competitive than other pigweed species.

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Spotlight on:

How to tell pigweed species apart.

By Scott Ditmarsen, field scientist, Dow AgroSciences







Waterhemp and Palmer amaranth are two of the most common pigweed species Midwest growers contend with in their fields. Management of the pigweed species was especially difficult during the 2014 season and 2015 is not going to be much different.

Properly identifying waterhemp and Palmer amaranth can help growers plan the most effective weed management program because certain species respond differently to different control methods. However, identifying the species can be challenging because the weeds look similar in their early growth stages.

Waterhemp and Palmer amaranth each have discernable characteristics if you look closely.

-Waterhemp has cotyledons that are more egg-shaped than other pigweed species. Young plants also have leaves that are waxy in appearance.

-Palmer amaranth plants in their immature form often have a poinsettia-like appearance with symmetrical leaf arrangements. There are few or no hairs on immature Palmer amaranth, and the stem and leaf surface are smooth, which distinguishes it from other pigweed species.*

With three nonglyphosate modes of action, SureStart® II herbicide effectively manages resistant weeds, including a variety of pigweed species. Its long-lasting residual control protects against emerging weeds for up to six weeks.

For information on managing pigweed species, visit GetMoreTime.com.

*Horak, M.J., D.E. Peterson, D.J. Chessman, and L.M. Wax. 1994. Pigweed identification. http://www.ksre.ksu.edu/bookstore/pubs/s80.pdf

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