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Eric Bosloor

Public Relations, Super Cheap Storage

Career Summary:

Supercheap Storage has an amazing advertising and marketing team working on the Supercheap Storage brand. One of the many good men and women on the team is Mr. Eric Bosloor. He’s currently one of our higher ranking executives when it comes to ensuring the Supercheap Storage name gets proclaimed far and wide to the furthest outreaches of Australia!

Eric’s main scope of work within Supercheap storage is to pinpoint our key selling point and implement and analyse the effect of suggestions that will help us be a great value-added business to each and every Australian’s storage needs. This means a lot of travelling for Eric. Which is not all that bad; he loves to use the time while travelling to read up on the changes and upcoming events in the technological and industrial world and generally keep up-to-date with the goings-on in the world.


In his spare time, Eric also writes a blog that summarises his findings on the storage and removals industry and from what he says about it, it looks like the blog has been an indispensable tool when it comes to referring back to certain interesting points and facts about the storage industry. It has also been integral for us to pinpoint some great aspects of our business model for all our storage customers.


We’d just like to highlight our more forthcoming projects and that’s to make sure that every storage customer that comes through our doors, gets to enjoy fantastic and quality storage services at an amazingly cheap price. And this means that whatever you’ve got coming to our storage Greater Sydney, we’re gonna give you the best we’ve got!


Just to let you know how serious we are about the protection of your items, we’ll let you in on a secret that all the boxes we use when helping you pack are made of double-reinforced cardboard which reduces the chances or wear and tear if the contents are heavy or for any other reason.


Once your items are safely loaded, they’ll also be individually wrapped with protective padding blankets. Bumps and jerks are inevitable on the road, and if your items aren’t layered well enough, serious damage can be done when you’re on the move. This means that there’s a buffering cushion layer for your items and the walls of the portable storage unit throughout its entire storage period, but more importantly for the journey from your residence or office to our facilities.


Best thing? All F-R-E-E! Yup! Padding is free with all our standard plans. Our packing materials and boxes are free with our Premium and Platinum plans. If you want to know where you can get some more for your own use, just head right down to our Box Shop where you can pick up our packing materials in handy bundles calculated to be perfect for 1-room, 2-room and 3-room capacities of items.


So if that doesn’t give you some sort of reassurance on how committed we are to what we do, we hope that this will - give us a call anytime on our phone lines! We’ll be happy to discuss additional arrangements that will be able to make your Supercheap storage in City of Parramatta experience the best storage experience you’ll ever have!

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