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Cameron Robertson

Storage Company Owner, Supercheap Storage Northern Beaches Facility

Skills: Storage, Removal Expert

Career Summary:

Supercheap storage is happy to have Cameron as part of the Supercheap family. Cameron has actually spent quite a number of years with us as an employee in Sydney where he worked within our outlets handling the different responsibilities required to take care of our storage modules Warriewood within our high security facilities.


Having been an owner of his own landscaping business a few years prior to joining our ranks, we knew that Cameron had the tenacity and makings of a capable and reliable business owner. Because of our franchisee program, we were eagerly anticipating the day when Cameron would make good on his promise. The promise he made when he first joined us was to eventually save up enough for the licensing of his own Supercheap outlet.


And so he has!


In 2012, Cameron officially bought a license and set up his Dee Why storage facility which currently operates at 1/93-97 South Creek Road, Dee Why NSW 2099, from Monday to Friday 8AM-5PM and Saturdays 8AM-12PM.


Like the rest of SuperCheap Storage chain, the Dee Why outlet offers mobile storage units at a storage prices Manly Vale! Our portable containers are made of high industrial quality plywood to ensure that there is top-notch protection for the items within while providing the breathable plywood allows a greater amount of ventilation as compared to the typical aluminium containers you get from the regular storage providers.


And what was that we were saying about being portable? Our containers are transportable all the way to our customers’ houses! That means that our customers don’t have to step any further than their front porch to set everything up in the new storage space when we arrive! All they need to do is make sure that their items are packed and ready for loading. Once our customers have loaded up the container, we’ll whisk everything back to our weatherproof facilities where everything will be kept safe until you next need it!


Depending on the level of service that they require they can select the amount of help that they require from the SuperCheap team and we can even assist with packing and loading if you need us to!


With all that’s going on on a daily basis, coordinating the shipments out to customers and back, Cameron has to run a tight ship at his Dee Why outlet and that comes easily to him because of the years of experience that he’s had learning with us from the bottom up. He’s able to spot situations and rectify them before they get too tough purely because he’s experienced things from all the different angles.


At SuperCheap Storage, Cameron Robertson has shown us a great example of how we can groom our team and our managers and we can never be short of dedicated and hardworking men and women like him! We’re hoping to train even more successful franchise owners like him soon, so look out for greater things coming from SuperCheap Storage!

Specialties: storage, self storage, portable storage

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Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University

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