My favorite features of the truck are the silky smooth engine, paired with the quick “rock solid”shifting of the Allison transmission. The truck cruised at 65 mph at only 1,570 rpm and is capable of more than 20 mpg at highway speeds. The 3.73 rear axle and 18-in. tires are a perfect combination. The truck is heavy — approximately 7,700 lbs. That weight is very helpful when you are pulling heavy loads! The hood of the Chevy truck is lower than that of Ford's new Super Duty, making it easier to work under the hood.

I didn't like the black plastic hood vents in front of the windshield. They were a distraction for me when I was driving the truck. Also, during rapid acceleration from a standing start, there is noticeable turbo lag, something that Ford has cured on its new Super Duty with the Scorpion motor.

Standard price of the 2011 Silverado 2500 4-wd Crew Cab is $38,860. Price of the tested 2011 Silverado 2500 4-wd LT Crew Cab Diesel with Allison automatic transmission is $51,045. To learn about the Silverado HD, visit