Mahindra USA announces it will launch a new line of subcompact tractors, called the Mahindra Max, at its annual dealer meeting next month in Houston. Three models make up this line, with model numbers corresponding to their rated engine horsepower: The Mahindra Max 22, Mahindra Max 25, and the Mahindra Max 28 XL.

Mahindra says these tractors are the first “real” tractors in the subcompact market, offering more capabilities and higher performance than the current lawn- and garden-type tractors. They are designed with a full-length tractor frame that can support a high-capacity loader, drive-over mowing deck, snow blower, blade, broom, and other implements and attachments.

The largest model, the 28-engine-hp Mahindra Max 28 XL, fits an entirely new category of tractor called the “mid-compact,” with a size closer to a compact and offering the similar performance, according to the company.

The tractors will be available at local Mahindra dealers in early February 2012. For more information, visit