But beyond all the celebration, The Vario 500 is a tractor with a lot under the hood. While Fendt is a market leader in Europe, it continues to build its market presence in North America. Fendt, part of the AGCO group, has high hopes for its newest addition to the lineup.

The new 500 Vario series includes four models in the 125- to 165-hp range. Powered by a 4.04 liter 4-cylinder Deutz engine, the tractors all use SCR technology to meet current Tier 4 Interim emissions standards.

The Vario 500 is equipped with features included on other Vario series tractors but with additional innovations that make it stand out. “It is designed to be highly maneuverable, so it is well equipped to handle a variety of tasks, including loader work,” reports Walter Wagner, Fendt European product manager.

The Fendt Vario 500 boasts 22 different connections at the front and rear for operations with a wide variety of implements. It has a self-leveling front axle suspension, shock load stabilizing, cab suspension, seat suspension and automatic steering axle lock. Loader work is enhanced with an active steering control that allows the tractor to be maneuvered easily with a single turn of the steering wheel.