The line also features a series of magnetic insert bits that are designed to cover more applications with fewer products. Each compact bit holder has a strong magnet that holds onto the inserts without any trouble. The Phillips head bits really held up under high torque and seemed to grab well, minimizing slippage. The nut driver set fit standard hex-head screws and are ideal for putting in sheet metal and wood lag screws. Team FIN was most impressed by the 30 degree knuckle pivoting bit holder. It is a useful tool, allowing the user to get square with a screw in tight spaces that can otherwise be a nuisance to work in. It also straightens out and can be used as a standard insert bit, which cuts down on the hassle of swapping out bit holders.

Team FIN highly recommends Milwaukee’s new Shockwave line. The thin wall hole saws are sharp and long-lasting while the bit holders, with powerful magnets and versatility, cut down on the number of accessories needed on a jobsite. The line has time-saving and innovative features that make the accessories a good buy.

Rated: 5 out of 5

The M18 Fuel impact driver (2653-22) costs $299, compact magnetic bit holder with 25 PH2 1in. insert bits (48-32-5009) costs $15.97; 6 in. bit holder (48-32-4511) costs  $7.97; 12 in. bit holder (48-32-4512) costs  $9.97; 30° knuckle pivoting bit holder (48-32-2301) costs $29.97; and the 5 piece insert nut driver set (49-66-4563) costs $14.97. For more information about Milwaukee Tool, visit