K-Line Industries, manufacturer of special service tools for OEMs and OEM dealers, has come out with a portable cleaner for use on tractors equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to control pollution. The portable DPF cleaner allows farmers to clean the DPF filter themselves to reduce the cost and transport time involved in taking it to their dealers to be cleaned.

The portable cleaner uses forced air from an air compressor to clean the DPF, a technology used by OEMs to meet the EPA’s mandated Tier 4 engine emissions cuts. The filter, installed downstream of the engine, collects ash and soot found in the exhaust. Filters must be cleaned to prevent clogging, which can drag down the engine.

The portable cleaner can extend the life of the DPF filter and keep tractors running at peak efficiency, says Ryan Dokter, sales manager at K-Line Industries.

“This unit is unlike anything else on the market because it is very portable, easy to use, and affordable for many farmers,” says Ryan Dokter, sales manager at K-Line Industries. “This one retails around $10,000, so any decent size shop can own one.”

Dokter says a DPF filter, itself, can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to replace so it doesn’t take long to justify the cost. He says the DPFs found on most Tier 4 engines build up soot and ash during use and lose their effectiveness.

Different OEMs recommend different service intervals. K-Line recommends that farmers clean the filter at least once a year as part of their preventive maintenance program to extend the life of the filter and keep tractors running at peak efficiency.

The unit cleans filters ranging from 6.6 in. to 15.7 in. in diameter.  The cleaning unit sits on top of the DPF filter and red barrel, and uses forced air from a standard air compressor to trap and dispose of all ash.

For more information, contact K-Line Industries, Inc., Dept. FIN, 315 Garden Ave., Holland, MI 49424, 800-824-5546, or visit klineind.com.