Innoquest, Inc., has released its new SpotOn Tip Tool & SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner combo package for quick cleaning and maintenance of spray tips and nozzle bodies.

The two tools have a high-quality, durable construction for long-lasting use. The SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner clears plugged nozzles with a 50 PSI air blast that can be used anytime, anywhere because it never needs refilling or recharging. Plus, the four-in-one SpotOn Tip Tool features a brush, foldout plastic pick, spanner wrench and utility hook that make spray tip maintenance easy and convenient.

The SpotOn Tip Cleaner & Multi-Tool Combo Pack is priced at $44.95. A video demonstration is available on YouTube. For more details or to find a distributor, call 800/637-1623 or visit

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