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  • May 26, 2011
    Farm Industry News

    From manual to full automation in farm equipment

    Control of farm equipment has grown from strictly manual control to the possibility of remote control of farming. Don Bruns, Raven Industries, discusses automation in today's machinery....More
  • May 11, 2011
    Farm Industry News

    What's next for GPS in farm machinery?

    The future of precision farming will be shaped by more GPS constellations, signals and applications, reports Doug Schmuland of NovAtel. Schmuland is interviewed by Farm Industry News senior editor Jodie Wehrspann at the 2011 Agricultural Machinery Conference....More
  • May 9, 2011

    Topcon announces HiPer AG mobile RTK base station

      Topcon Precision Agriculture has expanded its HiPer series of satellite receivers to include HiPer AG, a new portable base station for high-accuracy real-time kinematic (RTK) applications for the worldwide agriculture market. HiPer AG is a dual-frequency, GPS+GLONASS receiver that is designed for simple setup and operation with Topcon’s Systems 150, 200, 210, 250 or 350, the company said....More
  • Apr 18, 2011

    New section-control functions for Leica mojo3D

      Leica Geosystems has added section-control capability to the Leica mojo3D. Initially, the Direct Section Control function, which can control up to 30 sections, will be available for Hardi HC5500 and HC6500 rate controllers. Leica will add support for popular U.S. rate controllers later in 2011, according to Harlan Little, Leica Ag Business Manager for North America....More
  • Mar 21, 2011

    Trimble to buy OmniSTAR land business

      Trimble continues to expand its precision offerings with the purchase of the OmniSTAR Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal corrections business for land-based navigation, mapping and survey applications. The purchase, from Fugro N.V., includes a multi-year service agreement for Fugro's ongoing operation of its correction network and satellite service broadcast systems that power the OmniSTAR service....More
  • Mar 14, 2011

    New broadband provider threatens GPS, coalition warns

      The Coalition to Save Our GPS ( was formed after LightSquared Inc. ( received a tentative license in January from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to use the 1525 to 1559 megahertz (MHz) spectrum for its hybrid land and satellite-based high-speed broadband system. LightSquared officials have said that its system will include 40,000 land-based transmitters, in addition to a satellite already orbiting over the U.S....More
  • Mar 11, 2011

    John Deere's FarmSight enables wireless engine monitoring, control

    John Deere will introduce new products as part of its FarmSight suite of technologies. The new products will include technologies like telematics for remote monitoring of equipment and machine-to-machine communication that allows one vehicle to take control of another. It also will enble an operator to view from a mobile device or home computer what is on a tractor or vehicle display....More
  • Mar 4, 2011

    John Deere unveils FarmSight for telematics, diagnostics, control of equipment

    John Deere equipment will continue to get much smarter in the future. The company announced at Commodity Classic its plan to introduce a suite of products under the FarmSight umbrella that will take precision farming to a new level. The FarmSight plan includes a robust telematics program that will extend JDLink capabilities. Farmers will be able to monitor machines from office computers or mobile devices. They will watch machine activity and location along with receiving notices of machine trouble....More
  • Feb 28, 2011

    NovAtel announces SMART-MR15 GNSS receiver/antenna with integrated cellular modem

      The SMART-MR15 integrates an L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS receiver, antenna and cellular modem into a single compact enclosure. It includes a rugged metal housing and external cellular antenna to help assure high performance even poor coverage areas, according to

Doug Schmuland, agriculture portfolio manager for NovAtel. The receiver is available with either CDMA or GPRS/HSDPA modems for compatibility with major cellular communications systems. It also includes NTRIP client software necessary to utilize RTK corrections received via the Internet....More
  • Feb 21, 2011

    Intuicom adds new RTK bridge

      Intuicom’s new RTK Bridge-M in-cab cellular bridge includes several user-friendly features that simplify setup and operation. These include a new front panel that allows users to monitor operation and troubleshoot performance issues, as well as a graphical user interface that eases setup chores. “Lights on the front panel let you monitor status real time,” says Joe Tradii, product manager. “If you are having a problem, you know whether it is the cellular network or whether it is the RTK data stream.”...More
  • Jan 19, 2011

    Topcon Precision AG, AGCO research autonomous vehicle equipment

    AGCO and Topcon are working together to develop technology for robotic vehicles. At the 2011 Ag Connect Expo, Rhett Schildroth with Topcon explains a LiDar device that helps detect obstacles....More

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