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  • Dec 3, 2012

    The drought is not over

    There is a wire, ear-corn crib in our pasture that I drive by at least a dozen times a week.  Today I noticed that is was empty, and has been empty for the last 25 years. The old ear-corn crib is not the only empty bin on our farm. Three useable bins (the old wire ear-corn bin is a permanent bird roost) on our farm are unused as harvest 2012 is complete. The unused space would have held the 30% loss in corn yield, and the 15% loss in soybean yield due to the drought. An unused bin is not all bad since I hope to refurbish/update one of the bins this winter....More
  • Oct 22, 2012

    Slow corn harvest and best-ever soybean yields

    We have had plenty of rain in this part of NW Ohio since mid-August. It has made crops mature later and slowed down the harvest. Commercial tomato growers mudded out their crops. The soybean harvest around here is about 60% done and corn harvest is about 40% done. Wheat planting has not been completed. This year is shaping up a lot like last year when only about 50% of the wheat was planted and combines made ruts everywhere. The difference is this year it rains, and about a day later it is dry enough to work in the fields because of the extreme drought earlier in the summer....More

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