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  • Feb 21, 2011
    Farm Industry News

    NFMS: Roving Reporter (and farmer) Scott McPheeters discovers show gems, Part 1

    Nebraska farmer Scott McPheeters offers up his list of unique tools and equipment at the 2011 National Farm Machinery Show. This portion of his list includes the Weed Wiper by GrassWorks, the Eco-Weeder by Univerco, the Soil Warrior nitrogen applicator by ETS, the PitStop Pro by John Deere and the Vcutter from Tigerco....More
  • Jun 7, 2010
    Farm Industry News

    Biobased lubricants for farm equipment

    Biobased lubricants made from soybeans and canola have improved in quality and pricing. These “green” products now may...More
  • Aug 3, 2009
    Farm Industry News

    Can and Bucket Warmer

    Inventor Lance Reasor, Duluth, MN, tells about the one-gallon Can Warmer and five-gallon Bucket Warmer to keep water...More

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