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  • Jul 20, 2012

    Educating the European market on GMOs

    Dr. Matthais Arlt, a biologist with the Leiter PLANT 2030 Geschaftsstelle, explains how genetically modified plants are perceived in Europe at the DLG Field Days in Germany, and the efforts he is making to explain GMOs to the public....More
  • Apr 2, 2012

    Week in Puerto Rico series: AgReliant Genetics operates winter nursery in Puerto Rico

    AgReliant Genetics is one of several U.S. seed genetics companies with nurseries and/or research facilities in Puerto Rico. Ramon Molinary, station manager for AgReliant Genetics in Puerto Rico, explains that here they are able to produce three generations of seed from new genetics and traits in one year. And because Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, seed and researchers travel quickly between the island country and the mainland. AgReliant includes AgriGold, Great Lakes Hybrids, LG Seeds, Producers Hybrids, Wensman, and Pride Seeds....More
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