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  • Oct 16, 2012

    How farmers buy crop inputs

    In December, Farm Industry News will publish its 2013 Buyers’ Forecast issue, chockfull of predictions about pricing and supply of farm inputs for the upcoming year. In my tangential approach to researching this story, I stumbled across the term “neuromarketing,” described as a new field of marketing research that studies buyers’ brains and measures their body’s response to marketing stimuli....More
  • Aug 14, 2012
    Farm Industry News

    Beck's Hybrids is confident of seed supply during drought

    Beck's Hybrids reports the company planted 150% of anticipated seed needs in 2012. In addition, the seed was planted over a period of time and in different geographies. As a result, Beck's expects to meet their customers' needs for seed corn in 2013, according to Ashley Woodward Fischer of Beck's....More
  • Aug 14, 2012
    Farm Industry News

    Mycogen optimistic about 2013 seed supply even with drought

    The drought has hampered seed corn production and most supplies will be tight. Mycogen Seeds prepared for adverse weather events by spreading out production, according to Eric Sitzman, corn product manager. As a result, Mycogen with Dow AgroSciences expects to meet most of its 2013 customer needs....More
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