Crop Protection en Growing milkweed isn't easy, but necessary <div class="field-deck"> Living Acres project at BASF has potential for farmers to create vibrant pollinator areas </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>As winter was winding down BASF held a media event during Commodity Classic that Farm Industry News covered where a key topic was the fact that the company is promoting the idea of creating habitat for monarch butterflies. They call it Living Acres and the idea is that farmers would take non-productive areas of the farm - those &quot;weedy corners&quot; and plant something desirable to the butterfly, in all its life stages.</p></div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Crop Protection Seed BASF Tue, 19 Jul 2016 11:01:00 +0000 84451 at <p>This flowering milkweed plant is not wild, it was planted at the BASF Seymour, Ill., field research facility, and Troy Klingaman, chief biologist, was surprised to find it.</p> 4 questions to ask when buying, using fungicides <div class="node-body blog-body">Applying fungicides can produce a payback in higher yields. But buyers should consider these four factors before investing in these products for the 2016 growing season.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Fungicides Farm Industry News Blog Wed, 06 Jul 2016 09:22:00 +0000 84351 at <p>Fungicide application requires managing a few key issues, we offer four tips.</p> Beating the resistant weed problem <div class="field-deck"> The plague of resistant weeds isn't going away, but you can manage them </div> <div class="node-body article-body">Talking with a global expert on weed resistance is a nice refresher on the topic; and we have news about new mechanical tech that may help.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Herbicides Crops Practices and Systems Weeds Tue, 07 Jun 2016 18:59:00 +0000 83321 at <p>It&#39;s an ugly image, with resistant weeds blotting out an otherwise healthy soybean crop (they&#39;re in there). Dr. Stephen Powles, an Australian expert on the topic, says it&#39;s possible to beat weed resistance on your farm.</p> Photo: Willie Vogt 5 top nutrient buying tips <div class="field-byline"> Farm Industry News Team </div> <div class="field-deck"> Crop expert from Mosaic offers insight beyond N, P and K </div> <div class="node-body article-body">Consider these tips when buying macro- and micronutrients this season to ensure the maximum return on your investment.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Fertilizer Corn Inputs Soybean Tue, 31 May 2016 13:54:00 +0000 83231 at <p>Achieving top yields takes attention to detail on the macro- and micronutrient level.</p> Refresher: How GMO crops get approved <div class="field-deck"> The review process for new-tech crops has always been thorough </div> <div class="node-body article-body">Recent National Academy of Sciences report offers great background on why, and how, the system for approving high-tech crops works.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Crop Protection Seed Practices and Systems Regulations Wed, 25 May 2016 15:40:00 +0000 83191 at <p>The process for approving genetically enhanced crops involves key U.S. regulatory agencies depending on the technology.</p> Image: National Academy of Sciences Another crop protection deal in the works? <div class="field-deck"> UPDATED: Bayer and Monsanto in talks about an acquisition </div> <div class="node-body article-body">Bayer offers $62 billion, Monsanto says the deal is "financially inadequate" and Bayer responds to the latest news.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Crop Protection Bayer CropScience Business Monsanto Thu, 19 May 2016 13:57:00 +0000 83131 at <p>Greenhouses at Monsanto are busy places with new crop tech under development and it appears Bayer would like to have that tech in its product portfolio.</p> Photo: Brent Stirton/Getty Images 5 things I've learned so far from that new GMO report <div class="node-body blog-body">New, comprehensive GMO report from the National Academy of Sciences is chock-full of information - here's what I've picked up so far.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Crop Protection Crops Farm Industry News Blog Wed, 18 May 2016 15:18:00 +0000 83121 at <p>GMO crops get seal of approval from National Academy of Sciences in a new 400-page comprehensive report.</p> Big report puts seal of approval on GMOs <div class="field-deck"> National Academy of Sciences releases 400-page look at genetic enhancement tech. </div> <div class="node-body article-body">Release of first third-party comprehensive look at genetic engineering tech for crops offers good news, but shows areas of concern as well. Short answer: The tech is safe.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Crop Protection Practices and Systems Crop Protection Crops Wed, 18 May 2016 11:38:00 +0000 83111 at <p>Genetic modification is getting more precise, and complex, which will change the dialogue for the future. New report offers insight into past research, and lays path for future discussion.</p> Image: Purestock/istock/Thinkstock FIN Follow-up: NutrientStar nutrient assessment tool <div class="node-body blog-body">System for evaluating nutrient management tools moves ahead. We offer an update on progress being made by the Environmental Defense Fund, which has started evaluating products.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Fertilizer Corn Inputs Farm Industry News Blog Tue, 17 May 2016 14:02:00 +0000 83101 at <p>Developed by the Environmental Defense Fund, the product assessment tool&nbsp;NutrientStar&nbsp;rates&nbsp;the performance of&nbsp;fertilizer management products for the farm.&nbsp;</p> <p>Source: Environmental Defense Fund&nbsp;</p> What’s next for agricultural biologicals <div class="node-body gallery-body">BioConsortia CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith provides an overview of the agricultural biologics market and what he sees as the next wave.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Crop Protection Seed Precision Farming Precision Farming Crops Thu, 05 May 2016 18:38:00 +0000 82991 at <p>BioConsortia CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith provides an overview of the agricultural biologics market and what he sees as the next wave. Check out this gallery to get a rundown on the development of new technology for improving crop yields.</p>