• Mar 25, 2013

    Under consideration

    If you have paid attention to these stories over the years, perhaps you’ve noticed that one particular vacation destination of mine shows up a bit more often than others. Nothing is as relaxing to me as a couple of days at Disney World in Florida. Sherill and I have been there a few times in the last four years....More
  • Feb 25, 2013

    A ticking sound in the hay cannon

    What with the drought this past year, as well as the price of alternative feed ingredients, the hay market has remained pretty strong so far this winter....More
  • Jan 21, 2013

    Phoning it in

    Let's have a little Q & A session. Do you have a cell phone? Do you have a cell phone with a good connection? Better yet, do you have a cell phone that keeps you well-connected? There's a huge difference between the two. A cell phone with a good connection just means you're not in some valley, or a million miles from a tower. Anyone can have a phone like that. Now, if you have a phone that keeps you well-connected to the right people, that's a totally different deal....More
  • Dec 13, 2012

    A steel disaster parade

    Meeting the engineers who design and build the products you use can be enlightening. That goes for both you and the engineers sometimes. They don't always know what you're doing with their product, and you sometimes wonder if they have any idea how the stuff they build actually gets used on a regular basis....More
  • Oct 22, 2012

    To market, to market

    Let's say you're a producer of some kind of item. You raise quite a bit of it. Now let's say you need a way to market that product. Finding a better price for it is always a good idea. Sometimes the better price isn't right nearby. The problem is when you are unable to move your product long distances in a timely and efficient manner. ...More
  • Sep 5, 2012

    Belfries "R" Us

    One guy standing in a loader bucket trying to screw a four-foot-long wooden rocket onto a pole several feet in the air isn't the exact recipe for success. Now, TWO guys standing in a loader bucket trying to screw a four-foot-long wooden rocket onto a pole several feet in the air; that makes perfect sense....More
  • Aug 6, 2012

    Are there any questions?

    I think I may have a new best friend. Sherill works with a variety of people at Mayo Clinic. Most of them have limited farm backgrounds. One in particular — Candace — had quite a few questions for Sherill and always enjoyed hearing about some of the things we do on the farm. She ultimately decided that she would buy a one-eighth fraction of a steer for her freezer. To seal the deal, she asked if it would be possible to come down to Iowa and pick up the beef herself and get a tour of the place on the trip....More
  • Jul 3, 2012

    Where the wild things are

    When the action of the season gets busy, nothings breaks up the pace like a little distraction. Nothing really breaks it up like some serious distraction. ...More
  • Jun 11, 2012

    Along for the ride: My thanks to Mark Pearson

    We all lost a great friend this past week. Mark Pearson, the host of Iowa Public Television's "Market to Market" program aired around the country, as well as the host of "The Big Show" daily farm radio program in Iowa, died suddenly of a heart attack at his farm in southern Iowa on June 3rd. He was 54 years old....More
  • May 14, 2012

    An unconventional Honey-Do list

    This year we found a new place to put our new crop of honeybees. The honeybees were fine with the location. Apparently, one tree in the area did not approve....More

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