• Oct 27, 2016
    press release

    Farmlogs to host second annual user conference

    Editor’s Note: Briefing Room is where we run press releases from companies unedited, for your use. FarmLogs  announced that it will host its second annual user conference, “Connecting the Dots to Profitability.” The 2017 FarmLogs User Conference will be held as three, one-day events taking place in Des Moines, Iowa, Champaign, Illinois and Lubbock, Texas. Registration is now open at farmlogs.com/conference-17....More
  • Aug 10, 2015

    Stories you might want to read again

    In the farm news business, it’s our job as editors and journalists not just to cover what’s hot, new and different but also do it in a way that makes sense and that makes you want to read more. Good stories inform and entertain, and, at the same time, are accurate, timely and relevant to the reader. Recently, Farm Industry News received some recognition for meeting those basic journalism tenants....More
  • May 29, 2012

    One tough ride

    A little over a week ago, Team FIN tractor- and truck-tester Daryl Bridenbaugh got hurt while doing something he loved: driving his John Deere 4020 tractor. We got the news while editing one of his stories about the new Ram trucks recently previewed at the New York International Auto Show. His wife, Peggy, told us that earlier in the evening Daryl was driving down a hill pulling a full nitrogen applicator when suddenly the rig tipped over, pinning him under the tractor. ...More
  • Aug 23, 2011

    "This corn crop is just not there."

    Team FIN member Kent Lock estimates his Avon, IL, corn crop won't yield as high as he had thought earlier in the summer....More

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