ACCURATELY MEASURE sprayer flow rates in seconds to avoid costly under- and overapplication of chemicals with the new SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator by Innoquest. “Recent research indicates that fewer than 5% of chemical applications have been within 5% of desired target rates,” says Bill Hughes, president of Innoquest.

The handheld calibrator checks the flow rate of individual sprayer nozzles in 10 sec. or less so you can identify worn or defective nozzle tips in need of replacement. (Industry guidelines recommend tip replacement once flow rate exceeds that of a new tip by 10%.) Available in two models, the SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator can be used for herbicide and insecticide nozzles or liquid fertilizer and sprinkler nozzles.

Price: $149.95 and $219.00, depending on model. Contact Innoquest, Dept. FIN, 910 Hobe Rd., Woodstock, IL 60098, 800/637-1623, visit or, or circle 150.