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Mar 10, 2014

Sponsored: Raven’s SmartYield Pro offers new data management system

Douglas Prairie, Raven product manager for planter, seeder and harvest controls, reveals the details of SmartYield Pro, a new precision system that offers data analysis for the farm. The system has been tested on over 40,000 acres and results showed accuracy of over 97%....More
Feb 25, 2014

Sponsored: Petroleum trailers and stationary tanks from Meridian

James Scott, Petroleum Resource Manager, Meridian gives an overview of the company’s fuel trailers and stationary fuel tanks....More
Feb 15, 2013
Farm Industry News

Sponsored Video: Thunder Creek 3-in-1 Welder/Compressor/Generator

Thunder Creek Air N Arc 150 is a 3-in-1 welder/compressor/generator....More
Feb 13, 2013
Farm Industry News

Sponsored video: New Smartrax MD assisted steering system from Raven

Raven sponsored video: Smartrax MD Ryan Molitor, Raven, highlights the new enhancements Raven made to its Smartsteer system. The new assisted steering system, called Smartrax MD, features more speed and torque, which the company added based on customer demand. Visit ravenprecision.com....More

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