Monsanto will have a total of 77 new SCN-resistant soybean varieties available to growers for 2013, all with PI 88788 source resistance, according to Bruce Schnicker, Monsanto global plant health. “Nearly all current Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean varieties contain resistance to the primary race [Race 3] of soybean cyst nematode, a pest that causes an estimated yield loss of 100 to 200 million bushels per year in the United States,” he says. “Monsanto breeders continue to develop new soybean varieties that will contain traits targeting additional SCN races, with planned introductions in the next several years.”

Other soybean insect-control products from Monsanto include Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield aphid-tolerant varieties for the upper Midwest, which were launched in 2011, says Nick Weber, Monsanto public affairs. “This product was developed via breeding, using the Rag1 gene discovered by the University of Illinois. In phase 2 of our R&D pipeline, we have the second-generation of aphid-tolerant soybeans, which will be a stack of multiple-resistant genes.”

A second-generation insect-protection soybean product, which will provide multiple modes of action and include protection against armyworms, is in phase 2 of Monsanto’s research and development pipeline, Weber adds. “This product can offer improved durability of insect control, and additional modes of action,” he says.