Farmers can inoculate their own soybeans. But because the equipment is specialized and the treatments complex, company specialists like Locke recommend growers use dealers to apply the inoculants. Many new liquid formulations of inoculants are designed for application by the retailer. 

“While there is a cost difference, the added benefits are many,” Locke says. “A retail-applied application provides better coverage, more accurate application, added convenience and the ability to treat a full treatment package.”

“Many producers with more acres to cover like the time savings of dealer-applied seed treatments,” reports Marty Robinson, Advanced Biological Marketing. “We see dealerships charging no more than a dollar an acre, if that, for custom application fees. However, enough good on-farm application equipment has now been developed that a 1,500-acre soybean farmer, for example, can pretty easily apply nonrestricted use products in the field.”


Photo courtesy of Advanced Biological Marketing