Consistent field performance with a yield increase of 7% was observed for the JumpStart and TagTeam inoculants, says Novozymes BioAg's Dorn Severtson. JumpStart is a phosphate-solubilizing inoculant that may be used in high pH soils where phosphate tie-up is common. It also can be used in phosphate-deficient soils to ensure that phosphate fertilizer is available to the plant.

TagTeam features dual-mode action. It uses the phosphate-solubilizing properties of JumpStart along with nitrogen-fixing rhizobia. Novozymes BioAg will introduce a low-application-rate technology with TagTeam this growing season. It can be custom applied at ag retail locations or when growers are applying multiple seed treatments at one time.

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The photo on the home page shows soybeans treated with Optimize 400 (right) compared with untreated soybeans (left). Photo courtesy of EBD Crop BioScience.