Jim Beuerlein, Seed Enhancement Biologicals, Becker Underwood, and agronomy professor emeritus, Ohio State University, says that early results from growers’ plots in the 2010 growing season “indicate that soybeans treated with Vault HP yielded 2 to 3 bu./acre more than soybeans that didn’t receive an inoculant treatment.” Vault HP contains a patent-pending formulation of rhizobia as well as a biofungicide and growth promoter technology.

Third-party field research showed corresponding improvements in stand population, nodes, blooms and pods per foot of row for Vault HP over soybeans that were not inoculated, Beuerlein adds. “This translated into a 4-bu./acre average advantage in those tests.” Becker Underwood expects to publish additional grower trial results and data from commercial trials with university and third-party providers.

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