With harvest under way, Pioneer sales professionals are providing Pioneer FIT mapping services to growers from data collected from their yield monitor and GPS receiver. By using the value-added precision agriculture tools offered through Pioneer FIT Services, growers can take advantage of comprehensive mapping and planning services to help them make the best planting and management decisions for next season.   


The historical, multiyear yield maps provided by FIT Studio help growers make informed decisions about management practices such as variable rate seeding, while also providing key insights into the best field-by-field plans for their farm. With this information, sales professionals can help growers compare and contrast years, create management zones, and remove uncharacteristic growing seasons from their analysis. 


“Pioneer FIT Services work well because of the combination of local knowledge and relationships shared between Pioneer sales professionals and growers,” says John Chism, DuPont Pioneer services and implementation manager. “Our team understands what is happening at the local level and is ready to help growers make the best decisions for their farm.”


To learn more about Pioneer FIT Services, visit www.pioneer.com and click on Programs and Services.