Although LEDs are not yet a standard across the industry, you can purchase them from aftermarket parts companies as replacements for current machinery lighting systems.

TRP Aftermarket Parts introduced a line of LED lighting products for trucks, tractors and trailers in 2009. The company recommends that if you want to replace vehicle incandescent lights with LED lights, you will get the best results if you replace them in groups. For example, you should change all taillights at one time, all clearance lights together, or all cab marker lights at once.

Everett Seymoure, global manager for TRP, says that when retrofitting a vehicle from incandescent lighting to LED lighting, you should change the flasher as well because flashers designed for incandescent lights will not function properly in an LED system.

You can find TRP Aftermarket Parts lights for commercial vehicles at Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF dealerships and at other authorized retailers. For more information, call 425/392-2611 or visit

J.W. Speaker also sells aftermarket LED lights. The company says its new model 7150 large oval lamp offers the HID intensity that past LED lights lacked, but with the LED technology and higher color impression. For more information, call 847/924-0863 or visit

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