Capturing the beauty of a Minnesota winter

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on Nov 16, 2013

Really inspirational photo gallery of nature. I am going to save it on my hardisk and will use on my tablet wallpaper. Angeljackets

on Jun 16, 2014

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on Dec 26, 2013

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on Jan 7, 2014

He has captured some of the most beautiful moments which are really breathtaking. I am a professional photographer too and I work for a popular travel magazine, I also love depicting nature in a different light. Next month I will go on a month long trip to Europe, I have already booked my flight using FlightSite.

on Mar 13, 2014

I think Jim Radford has captured some beautiful aspects of nature in Minnesota, after exploring these images any tourist would love to spend few days in this vacation site. To see the real beauty of a place you have to look at it from a different angle.

on Mar 20, 2014

I have never seen such beautiful images of winter, photographer Jim Radford really knows how to capture the essence of nature. I am a fashion photographer by profession and throughout the year I travel the world covering fashion events. Photography is not just my profession but it is my hobby as well, so I always love checking out the works of other photographers.

on Jun 18, 2014

These photos are truly amazing. The photo in which the eagle flies with its prey is an exceptional picture.
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He must have spent quite some time to capture these amazing photographs under this cold climate. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

on Jul 17, 2014

This reminds me about a winter vacation, when I was in Russia for five days. I love animals, it doesn't matter if they are domestic or wild. As a matter of fact, I have a cat at home and I always treat her well and show her every day my affection. Furthermore, every time when I have to travel, I use a luxury cat boarding to be sure that she is well treated when I am away.

on Aug 11, 2014

Indeed, the nature and animals from Minnesota, are unique and astonishing! If you saw a winter in this region, then you should see the Caribbean Sea in summer. This year, the Royal Sunset has the best offers for any couple, families with children and even for single persons.

on Sep 3, 2014

Jim Radford has captured the spirit of winter in Minnesota in a truly different light, the images of the birds flying are simply stunning. However, the image of the cold but calm lake on a moonlit night looks mesmerizing as well. If you too love spending quiet time beside the river then you should visit Lake Kezar in Lovell. The serene beauty of nature here would definitely appeal to you and you can enjoy staying here at the famous Music Lake Resort.

on Oct 20, 2014

Minnesota is a beautiful place and photographer Jim Radford has captured its essence in a different light. Usually when people travel they do not bother about finding out the hidden charms of that place, they mostly find pleasure in exploring popular spots, but when they delve deeper they get to experience unusual aspects of life and nature. San Antonio is one such place which is worth exploring too, you can contact Inside San Antonio Tours for an Orientation Tour, you can find them online at

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