USFRA announced its plans for a multi-pronged communications initiative at the Agricultural Media Summit in New Orleans (July 24–27). This effort includes an initial push to the farming and ranching community — encouraging this group to "Raise their Voices" and provide input on what they believe Americans should know about where their food comes from.  

"We've allowed a lot of other folks to speak for farmers and ranchers in the past, often inaccurately," said Dale Norton, treasurer of USFRA and board member of the National Pork Board. "It's time for farmers and ranchers to make their voices heard. I encourage them to get involved in this movement by visiting our redesigned website at to take a survey and learn more."

In August and September, USFRA will begin reaching out to key influencer audiences through targeted advertising, a new Web presence, top-tier media briefings and a major event in the early fall addressing Americans' biggest concerns about food production.

"We are ultimately accountable to our customers — consumers both here and abroad — and need to show we are listening and improving," said Forrest Roberts, chairman of the USFRA Communications Advisory Committee, which led development of the movement strategy, and chief executive officer of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. "We want a variety of people — including a diversity of small, medium and large farmers and ranchers — to join our conversation. This includes some people we may not always agree with. But we want everyone who is striving to create a better future for, and accessibility to food at the table."

For more information or to join the conversation, visit