Its new Agrisure Artesian technology will be available in what the company calls its water-optimized hybrids. Grant Ozipko, trait marketing manager, explains that the hybrids are not drought tolerant. Instead, the hybrids use multiple native genes to help the plant mitigate moisture stress throughout the growing season. Some of the genes help the plant maintain a robust root system, its plant and leaf sizes, and cell functions. Other genes delay how quickly the plant shuts down growth when under moisture stress. As a result, the water-optimized hybrids will provide 15% yield preservation compared to what the hybrid will do without the Artesian technology.

“The genes are inserted into our elite hybrids for testing and evaluated in managed stress environments,” reports Bruce Battles, agronomy research manager. The hybrids must maintain yields under full water conditions, too.

The initial markets for Agrisure Artesian hybrids are in areas with a greater than 30% chance of drought stress. “It will not enable us to turn Nevada into Iowa,” states Tracy Mader, product marketing. “It will help stabilize yields on dryland and limited irrigation acres. We also believe it will help hold yield in sand.”