Syngenta Seeds enters 2011 with its largest portfolio of seed products, which includes two big firsts: the first drought-related hybrids called Agrisure Artesian and a new mode of action against corn pests called Viptera. All of this comes five years after Syngenta purchased Golden Harvest and Garst seed companies to combine with its NK brand.

“We’ve been in a huge transformation since 2005 . . .[when we] started a dive into a deep pool of genetic diversity,” explains David Morgan, Syngenta Seeds president. “We said it would take five to six years to get products [from these purchases] to the market . . . and 2011 is the year for us to express the new genetics.”

Morgan adds that Syngenta Seeds has “pulled even with the big competitors and moved ahead in some areas.” Plus, its quarterly income results show growth.

On top of this, the company moved into its new headquarters in Minnetonka, MN, last fall. The headquarters boasts the latest in “green” design and earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

With all these factors coming together, Syngenta Seeds wants the industry to know that it is a major player in the corn and soybean seed markets.