It’s advice that’s given every year, but bears repeating: To ensure you get the products you want, in the trait and genetic packages you desire for your acreage, order early. Seed companies have product available, but don’t be surprised if quantities are limited for some of the newest or most popular product offerings.

“We continue to recommend early ordering to growers who want particular products or technologies,” says Chris Garvey, general manager for Mycogen Seeds. “It helps ensure they are able to get the right products to maximize the potential of their acres.”

Although a late harvest could delay some seed orders as producers make final evaluations, opening up the lines of communication is a great first step.

“Farmers should talk with their dealers or sales reps and order early to help maximize their ability to get the products that are their first or second choice,” Brandt says.

Ordering early also helps producers take advantage of the many early-order discounts offered by the various seed companies. That’s nothing new, but the pace of early orders continues to creep earlier and earlier in the fall.

You can also expect a slight price increase in seed next year — in the 3% to 5% range, according to those interviewed — although the increase is weighted more heavily toward the latest offerings. And it’s possible that some seed packages will see no price increase compared to last year.

“Overall, the seed price is up over 2013,” Strachota says. “But it’s not every product. It’s a product-by-product change — some are up, and some are equal to last year.”