Syngenta Seedcare has increased its portfolio of seed treatments for both corn and soybeans for 2011.

Maxim Quattro seed treatment fungicide is a four-way formulation that combines mefenoxam, fludioxonil and azoxystrobin with thiabendazole, an active ingredient newly registered as a seed treatment on corn. The fourth mode is systemic and cleans up surface and internal pathogens. Maxim Quattro guards against seed- and soilborne diseases, including a broad spectrum of Fusarium species, to help decrease mycotoxin levels. It will be sold as a component of Avicta Complete Corn nematicide/insectidice/fungicide or CruiserMaxx 250 Corn insecticide/fungicide.

“With thiabendazole we are moving our corn fungicide package up to an even higher level,” Pedersen says. “It is a great product for seedborne diseases and provides broad-spectrum control.”

CruiserMaxx Plus insecticide/fungicide seed treatment is a new formulation for use on soybeans. It combines Cruiser insecticide with Maxim and Apron XL fungicide at a higher rate of mefenoxam for increased protection against Pythium and Phytophthora. It provides protection against a broad spectrum of soil-dwelling and foliar-feeding insect pests, as well as all major seed- and soilborne disease pathogens.

Avicta 500 FS nematicide has been approved for use on soybeans and will be available in a combination called Avicta Complete Beans. This combination includes the separately registered Cruiser seed treatment insecticide and an ApronMaxx seed treatment fungicide. Avicta Complete Beans seed treatment provides protection against all major nematode species, including cyst nematodes, and a broad spectrum of early season insects and diseases.

Avicta Duo Corn and Avicta 500FS are restricted use pesticides.