Bayer’s Poncho/Votivo seed treatment, which received registration from the EPA for use in corn and soybeans last spring, combines Poncho 500 with the company’s Votivo seed treatment. Votivo is a specific bacteria strain that colonizes roots upon germination and creates a biological barrier of protection against nematodes. It provides protection to withstand early season nematode feeding and is effective against all major plant-parasitic nematodes, including lance, lesion, needle, root-knot and soybean cyst nematodes.

Stratego YLD is a triazole fungicide for long-lasting disease protection in corn and soybeans. It offers two different modes of action for broad-spectrum control. Stratego YLD’s water-based SC formulation is compatible with most crop protection products, including herbicides, insecticides and adjuvants. Application in corn is recommended from VT (tasseling) to early R2 (blister). For soybeans, application is recommended at early flowering (R1) to full pod (R4) and prior to disease onset. Use rates range from 4 to 5 oz./acre in corn and 4 to 4.65 oz./acre in soybeans.

Bayer has finalized a licensing agreement with Heads Up Plant Protectants for access to Heads Up seed treatment. Heads Up contains a naturally occurring substance extracted from Chenopodium species. When applied to soybean seed, Heads Up triggers the crops’ defense systems against diseases upon germination. When used with seed-applied fungicides, Heads Up brings an additional mode of action to protect young soybeans from soil diseases that are present in the environment when soybeans are traditionally planted.