Micro-trak says its new seed rate controller provides a stable, consistent rate of seeding. The ProPlant automatic seed rate controller accommodates up to three drive assemblies with manual or automatic on/off control of up to three planter sections. One person using a wireless remote control can program three seed rates, with a seed rate of as little as 100 seeds/acre. Two display screens allow the operator to watch seed rate and at the same time see seed totals, hydraulic motor rpm, seed spacing, seeds per foot, speed, area per hour and distance.

A hydraulic drive assembly instead of a ground-driven system eliminates the need to change sprockets and chains for different plant populations. The system works with most row-crop planters and fits with a mount bracket. Speed sensors, a 4.9- or 9.6-cu.-in. hydraulic motor and several hydraulic flow control valves are available. Variable-rate control, as-applied mapping and auto section control are options.

Suggested retail price is $4,445; additional drive units add $2,150 to the price of the standard kit. Contact Micro-Trak Systems Inc., Box 99, Eagle Lake, MN 56024, 800/328-9613, visit www.micro-trak.com or www.freeproductinfo.net/fin, or circle 152.