In 2009, John Deere came out with a brand-new cab called CommandView II, first featured on its 8R Series tractors. This year the company has incorporated the new cab in all of its large tractor series, including the 6R, 7R, and 9R Series.

Deere describes this latest iteration of CommandView as “spacious and sleek,” with 10% more space than the previous CommandView cab and four times the storage space. It comes with a premium sound package, redesigned control arm, video-capable touch-screen display and instructor seat that converts into a desk for your laptop.

Deere beefed up the air conditioning by putting the unit back on the roof (where it used to be) and installing 10 vents around the operator for added comfort. The result is similar to going from a window air conditioner to central air, Deere says.

The company also improved the operator's view by adding 7% more glass area and repositioning cab supports. A new lighting package offers 360-degree vehicle illumination to reduce eye strain at night. Right-hand steps also have been added for easy access to the right side of the tractor.

An option on these tractors is an adaptive hydraulic cab suspension system called ActiveSeat. The system reads multiple tractor inputs and actively makes adjustments to control for bounce. Track models feature an AirCushion suspension system, which automatically adjusts to improve traction and ride.

All of the tractors now come prewired for autosteer and are telemetry-capable for wireless communication. Another new option is ActiveCommand Steering (ACS), which is designed to compensate for oversteering and to give the driver more control at higher road speeds.

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