This year, Canadian tractor maker Versatile broke the record on available cab space with the launch of two new families of 4-wd tractors. The new cab has 20% more space than previous models and 14% more window glass. The glass, measuring 85.9 sq. ft., offers a panoramic view and is curved to keep sound levels down.

The larger cab has freed up space for a high-definition, 7-in. display screen that controls the Versatile Precision Ag GPS system. It also gives a digital readout of speed, 3-pt. hitch, slip and acres covered. An adjustable right-hand console contains the controls for the tractor and implement. A single button in the middle of the console, called the “super button,” controls headland management functions such as acceleration, engine speed, transmission speed and hitch lift.

New convenience features include four cup holders, a lunch-size storage compartment, and contoured training seat that folds up into a work surface. Ten eyeball vents, placed in a circle, create a “mini-hurricane” to keep the driver cool and prevent the windows from fogging. The cab comes wired with four 12v outlets, a 5v USB port and a Bluetooth connection.

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