Deere wants to increase its presence in the forage market with its new 7950 self-propelled forage harvester and 770 corn head. This model is powered by a 19-liter Cummins engine that produces 800 hp, which is 120 hp more than produced by the 7850 model it replaces. The 770 corn head handles 10 rows of crop and will chop in any direction.

To handle the rigors of material going through the machine at 200 lbs./sec., Deere added a new Duraline feature. This feature prevents excessive wear by adding a hard coating to any surface coming into contact with the crop.

Another feature is an engine speed management system that regulates rpm and speed of the harvester based on field conditions.

Deere also announced that it will address servicing issues related to Cummins engines. Now Deere dealers will be trained to service the engines and will have parts available.

Suggested retail price for the 7950 harvester starts at $407,317.