Fast tractor maker JCB expanded its Fastrac 7000 series to include a 260-hp model. The Fastrac 7270 MFWD tractor, the largest of the 7000 series, is powered by a 6-cyl., 6.7-liter Cummins engine for extra power and torque, with a maximum power output of 270 hp.

All models in the 7000 series feature full all-round, self-leveling suspension that provides for a comfortable ride and good traction at road speeds up to 43 mph. Ride-height sensors trigger a response to pump up or soften the suspension whenever the load changes. An all-new chassis supports the suspension setup along with a bigger capacity rear axle and a 20,000-lb. rear and optional 7,700-lb. front implement linkage system.

The cab features a full-size seat for passengers alongside an air-suspension driver’s seat, a four-post structure, high-volume ventilation with automatic climate control, seat-mounted controls, and a touch-screen information and control monitor. Digital and analog displays provide updates of operating information.

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