The brand-new McCormick TTX series is the largest tractor series in the McCormick lineup, ranging from 180 to 213 engine hp. McCormick says the three models in the series — the TTX 190, the TTX 210, and the TTX 230 — have a commonsense, straightforward design to allow operators to easily acclimate themselves to their operating features.

Unlike similar tractors in its class, the TTX is a full-framed tractor designed to absorb stressful loader work and tillage over rough terrain to improve operator comfort and extend tractor life. The front axle offers a steering angle of 55° for maneuverability in tight areas.

Cab features include a four-post design for all-around visibility, a deluxe air seat, ergonomically friendly controls, and an efficient heating and cooling system. McCormick claims that the tractors' dashboard diagnostics system offers a more comprehensive set of simple diagnostic tests than most competitor brands do, so that operators can easily identify problems and resolve them quickly.

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MCCORMICK TTX SPECS |ENGINE: 6 cyl., 6.7-liter, 24-valve BetaPower engine; 180 to 213 engine hp |TRANSMISSION: XtraSpeed 32F/24R powershift transmission; 32-speed transmission with eight powershift speeds available with a choice of mechanical or electronic range shifting |HYDRAULICS: 34-gal./min. flow rate; 3 remote valves std./4, 5 opt. |HITCH LIFT CAPACITY: 24,141 lbs. |SUGGESTED LIST PRICE: $122,850 for TTX 190; $129,236 for TTX210; and $135,865 for TTX 230