The new Farnam LTS Tag Recorder is a rugged Palm-based personal digital assistant (PDA) with an integrated reader for recording radio frequency identification (RFID) ear tags. Compared to traditional wand and “sled” systems, which are bulky and use a separate RFID reader and computer for recording data, the PDA-based system performs both tasks in a portable, slim design, with a battery that lasts for hours.

The recorder has a dust-proof and waterproof IP67 rating, so it can stand up to harsh environments. It has a dual-read capability, which allows it to read the latest FDX-technology tags, as well as tags using the legacy HDX style. The recorder includes a user-definable software interface that can be customized with multiple sets of data collection fields to suit individual requirements.

The suggested retail price is $1,900. For more information, call Farnam Livestock Tracking Systems at 800/511-4744 or visit