The latest tillage implement from John Deere is the new 2720 Disk Ripper with a disk-ripper-disk configuration. This heavy-duty primary tillage tool will size and bury crop residue, penetrate and shatter compacted soils, and mix and level the soil. The new tool features a gang design with heavier C-springs, thicker gang tubes and the largest gang bolt in the industry, according to Deere.

The 2720 Disk Ripper is available in four widths to fit any tractor horsepower: 12 ft. 6 in., 17 ft. 6 in., 22 ft. 6 in., and 27 ft. 6 in. The two widest models feature three folding sections for easier transport from field to field.

Prices range from $36,984 for a 12-ft. 6-in. model to $89,345 for a 27-ft. 6-in. model. Visit