The last U.S. patent covering the original Roundup Ready soybean trait is set to expire in 2015. As farmers consider their soybean seed purchases for 2014, Monsanto has created a new resource to help answer their questions about the patent expiration at

“Even though the original Roundup Ready soybean trait is covered by a patent in the United States until the start of the 2015 planting season, we’re already getting questions from farmers about what they can and cannot do with Roundup Ready soybeans. can help answer questions growers may have about patents as they pertain to planting and saving original Roundup Ready varieties,” said Monsanto’s U.S. oilseeds product management lead Norm Sissons. helps give farmers a good understanding of seed patents, so they are aware of how they can legally use the seed they purchase and so they understand which seeds varieties are still protected by patents and may not be savable, including Monsanto’s second generation higher yielding soybean trait, Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield,” said Sissons.


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