DOW AGROSCIENCES has received U.S. registration for florasulam, a new active ingredient for broadleaf weed control in cereal grains.

According to Jim Parker, senior marketing specialist for Dow AgroSciences, florasulam was first discovered more than a decade ago and has been used effectively in Canada and Europe. “Now U.S. producers will have another option for broadleaf weed control,” he says.

The product will be mixed with other chemistries, including a new molecule for grass control for which EPA approval is pending. The company also has licensed the molecule to Syngenta for use in its new product called Orion — a mix of florasulam and a phenoxy-based herbicide.

“Florasulam is a great help to cereal grain producers,” Parker says. “It provides another weed-management tool and fits well into a weed-resistance-management program.”